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I began the sale of the PDF file.
Pepachal PDF Shop
After the settlement of order, I send the email that listed a URL and the password of the PDF file.
You must save the email.

★ When you get rid of a password, I do not reissue it.
★ The thing which you printed may be different from an image displayed in the environment such as a PC or the printer in color taste. Thank you for your understanding.
★ A copyright subsists in these files. You cannot distribute the second of the file. In addition, please refrain from the use enjoying personally.
★ In addition, I will inform you beforehand when I close a homepage. You must print only the necessary number of sheets.


This page is a method to purchase paperwork from the foreign countries.

◎Order method
  When you click a lower image, you go to the page of the shop. You put it in a cart, and, please buy it.
   By the email of the order, I inform the reliable purchased amount and postage.
  The shipment is after payment.

◎Shipment method
 1 .In the case of less than 2 kg, baggage ships it in Small Packets .
    Shipping types : Airmail (Delivery will be made approximately 3 – 6 days.)
    Registered Mail : This is a service that applies when the items   accepted for delivery get damaged or lost.
    In such cases the actual damages will be paid in recompense within the range of the insured value stated by  the sender at the moment of shipment.
  2. When baggage is more than 2 kg, I send it out in EMS.

◎The postage
   The postage is different every country.
   I inform it by the email of the order.
  Registered Mail : Letter-post fee + 410 yen Japan Post

◎Payment method
  Without a Paypal account, payment is possible by various credit cards.
  After having given an order email, I send a bill of Paypal.
  By the email, please file for the payment.
  The payment is Japanese Yen.

◎Application expiration date
  I do it after an order with less than seven days. When there is not the seven days receipt of money, there shall not be intention of the purchase and should cancel an order after an order automatically.

◎Defective products
 Please contact me after the arrival to the product immediately. Thank you for your understanding unless a product is defective because I cannot accept it to returned goods.
  I bear it about the returned goods postage of the defective article in us.

◎Delivery time
 After having been able to confirm payment, I send it out within seven days.


◎Person in charge
 Kaoru Ogata

◎Public e-mail address

◎Zip code
 253-0111  Japan

 1-24-51 Ichinomiya, Samukawa machi, Kouza gun, Kanagawa

◎Phone number